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The Rochester Boardgaming Society collects a cabal of characters once a month to cavort and caper in shared camaraderie over cardboard competitions. We meet in The Flower City, in upstate NY, just 2 miles from the Genesee River and Erie Canal. We play board games. We bring our own games and play with whomever shows up. We don't ask for dues, but our venue now does. See Millennium changes things in Nov.

four gamers


The RBS is old, and its founding members are older still. (Fogies the lot of them.) Contact us or come attend a meeting. We welcome young fogies too.

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We meet on the third Saturday of every month at Millennium Games in Henrietta NY. The store sells a wide variety of games, and the owner allows us to use the gaming tables free of charge. Some of us spend all day there.

Millennium Games and Hobbies, (585) 427-2190
3047 West Henrietta Road, Rochester, NY 14624
Hours: Monday - Saturday: 10am - 10pm, Sunday: 11am - 8pm
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Food and drink are allowed in the store, but with certain restrictions: The storeowner asks that we not eat food in the gaming area. We, the gamers, ask that you please be respectful of our games and keep food and drink away from them. Many of our games have been out of print since the Early Avalon Hill Era, and damaged components can be costly or impossible to replace.

We also ask visitors to respect the premises and keep them as neat/clean as you find them.

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Games People Play

Our group has no dues, and our current membership numbers 169, with most meets seeing between 30 and 50 participants. The members (or RochGamers as they are sometimes called) play a wide variety of games; from card games, to Eurogames, to family-oriented boardgames, to more traditional strategic wargames.

We are always looking for new opponents to challenge us, so come on and join us at our next meet.

What's a Eurogame?

Some of you who are new to gaming or just getting back into the hobby might be wondering about that question.

The term 'Eurogame' is used to describe a game that tends to be more abstract in theme and more family oriented. These games are typically not sold in the retail mass-market stores, but through specialty shops (like Millennium) instead.

Many of these games were developed in Europe (mainly in Germany), and are originally written in foreign languages. That does not detract from them in any way, however, as US publishers will usually include English text on the components and rules.

Eurogames, or 'Euros' for short, usually have a fixed ending point, and usually take 1-2 hours to play (some play in as little as 15 to 30 minutes!). Some of these games also include mechanisms to keep you involved in the game when it is not your turn (such as trading, negotiating, etc) - the result is more involvement and less down-time during play. Luck is a much lower factor in many of these types of games as well, and most don't have much in the way of random generation like dice.

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